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Tumour Immunology and anti-cancer immunotherapy unit

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The laboratory of cancer immunology and immunotherapy against cancer has 2 major research themes. The first is the immunology of tumors and immunotherapy against cancer and the second is the role of mRNA translation in the antigen presentation. These topics include studies on the intestinal microbiota and tumors inflammation, immunotherapy customized by monoclonal antibodies or on the cross-presentation to MHC class I on antigenic peptides. This research focuses on a better understanding of immunology in cancer patients and to improve personalized treatments to better fight this disease. This work in partnership with numerous industrial partners has already enabled the implementation of 6 patents.


  • Mrs Laurence ZITVOGEL

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant

Our research areas


- Intestinal microbiota and inflammation / immunity, pro- or anti-tumor
-immunotherapy customized by monoclonal antibodies according to tumoral microenvieonnement
- characterization of NK infiltrating tumors
- role of antigenic peptides (MHC I)
- role of proteasome regulators (MHC I antigenic peptides)

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  • Biotechnology

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Total number of employees : 32
Number of researchers : 4
Number of doctoral students : 6


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