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Plateforme de multi-irradiation JANNuS (Jumelage d'Accélérateurs pour les Nanosciences, le NUcléaire et la Simulation)

Technological platform


JANNuS is organised around two facilities of excellence, JANNuS-Orsay and JANNuS-Saclay: one is located in Orsay at MOSAIC facility, IJCLab, a joint CNRS/IN2P3 and Paris-Saclay University research unit, and the other at the CEA Paris-Saclay centre (ISAS / DES). This equipment relies on the solid scientific and technical competence of the operating teams and combines a total of five ion accelerators and a transmission electron microscope for in situ studies. The platform is dedicated to research and development on irradiation effects in materials under ion beams. Indeed, the physico-chemical phenomena generated by irradiation within the material disrupt its atomic architecture, and make its structure and chemical composition evolve. Its physical, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic or optical properties are modified. The JANNuS charged particle beams make it possible to irradiate small samples in a perfectly controlled manner and thus to observe and quantify the evolution of their microstructure at the nanometric scale (segregation, precipitation, formation of dislocation loops, cavities, bubbles, etc.).


  • Mrs Aurélie GENTILS

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JANNuS-Orsay, MOSAIC, Bâtiment 108, Orsay, et JANNuS-Saclay, CEA / ISAS / SRMP, Saclay
JANNuS-Orsay, Bâtiment 108, Campus Orsay vallée, et JANNuS-Saclay, CES / ISAS / JANNUS, Saclay
91405 ORSAY

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