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JANNuS-SCALP - Synthèse et Caractérisation avec des Accélérateurs d'ions pour la recherche Pluridisciplinaire

Technological platform


The JANNuS-SCALP platform of IJCLab consists of :
- an electromagnetic isotope separator (SIDONIE) which allows isotope deposits to be made with very high purity, 
- the JANNuS-Orsay assembly, consisting of a 2 MV Tandem/Van de Graaff (ARAMIS), a 190 kV ion implanter (IRMA), each of which can be coupled to a transmission electron microscope (MET), allowing in situ characterisation at the nanometric scale of the structural and chemical modifications induced in a material by one or two simultaneous ion beams.
A wide range of ions (nature, energy) is available on ARAMIS and IRMA for ion implantation and irradiation. Quantitative and non-destructive ion beam analysis techniques are also available to characterise materials (RBS, RBS-C, ERDA, PIXE, PIGE): the spectroscopic analysis of the radiation and particles emitted during the measurement provides various information on the sample, such as its elemental composition, the determination of surface or depth concentration profiles, or the detection of light elements.


  • Mrs Aurélie GENTILS
  • Mr Cyril BACHELET

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IJCLab, Batiment 108, Campus de la vallée d'Orsay
91405 ORSAY

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