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IJPB / Observatoire du végétal - Plateforme de Cytologie et Imagerie Végétale

Technological platform


The Cytology and Imaging platform is a platform backed by a very large unit (Institut Jean Pierre Bourgin, 350 people) and integrated into a larger group ranging from plant cultivation to final observation or metabolic analysis (Observatoire du Végétal, https://www.observatoire-vegetal.inrae.fr/). The platform has been a pioneer in the development of new techniques for the study of plants, particularly in the study of living material (characterisation of the development of living meristems, interaction between proteins using the fluorescence anisotropy technique in plants).
The OV-CI has 8 permanent INRA staff (5 ETPs) and groups together the activities and cellular imaging equipment necessary for the study of plants: micro and macroscopy, confocal microscopy, videomicroscopy, cytometry, scanning electron microscopy, laser microdissection, as well as all the resources for the processing, inclusion and cutting of samples (semi-fine, fine, ultra-fine sections, cryosections).
The platform is housed in a completely renovated 1000 m2 building hosting the thirty or so optical parts and the data produced by the platform are hosted on an institutional server whose content is secured and backed up.
The platform is open to all requests from within and outside the unit, both institutional and private sector. The structure has been awarded the IBISA label.


  • Mr Christian MEYER
  • Mr Bertrand DUBREUCQ
  • Mr Lionel GISSOT

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