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UMS AMMICA / Plateforme Imagerie et Cytometrie (PFIC)

Technological platform


The Gustave Roussy Imaging and Cytometry Platform (PFIC) provides research and industry with a centre of expertise in cytometry, cell sorting and multi-scale photonic imaging from the molecular to the tissue level and from the animal to the human model.
The PFIC has the major characteristic of ensuring a continuum between fundamental research and clinical application, both in photonic imaging and cytometry.
Its 9 specialised engineers and its instrumental park equipped with 20 latest-generation imagers and cytometers make it possible to take charge of all aspects of projects, from advice to the implementation of operations and data processing.
The PFIC is organised into specialised units to offer
- Expertise in confocal and multiphoton cell/tissue imaging, from mouse models to patients,
- Expertise in complex multidimensional dynamic imaging: Imaging of living organs, small animals and clinical photonic imaging (NIR and confocal)
- Support for innovative developments: new optical devices/new fluorescent markers/multidisciplinary approach for functional imaging at the molecular, cellular and organ levels and clinical transfer of photonic imaging.
- Expertise in flow and mass cytometry and high throughput cell sorting
- Bioinformatics expertise for data processing and quantification.


  • Mrs Corinne LAPLACE-BUILHÉ

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant
Institut Gustave Roussy, UMS AMMICA

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