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The mission of the Fundamental and Translational Genomics platform is to carry out molecular analysis techniques (genomics, transcriptomics?). It is composed of two modules. The first one, directed by Nathalie Droin (CR INSERM), is specialized in high throughput techniques mainly meeting the needs of academic and industrial research programs. The module defines with the users the experimental design and the optimization of the project, accompanies for the preparation of the samples and the quality controls, provides various devices (Nanodrop, Bioanalyzer, PCR-Q devices, Covaris S220), produces Affymetrix microarrays (Gene Expression, Oncoscan and Cytoscan) and carries out the high-throughput sequencing of the samples (Ion Torrent sequencer technologies, NovaSeq6000, MiSeq, Illumina MiniSeq) PF is currently developing Single Cell (CNV, scRNA-seq, gene expression by RT-qPCR) and WGS (standard and after bisulfite treatment) for the study of methylation. The second module, known as the BMO laboratory, directed by Ludovic Lacroix (Gustave Roussy practitioner), is more oriented towards translational and preclinical research, notably in support of precision medicine programs and clinical trials involving Gustave Roussy. The laboratory masters CGH, PCR and NGS techniques as well as gene expression and is developing digital PCR. It uses tissue samples, prepared and qualified by the PETRA platform, and has developed the techniques necessary to study circulating tumor DNA. The BMO laboratory is committed to a quality approach and has been ISO9001 certified since 2008 (last renewal in 2017).


  • Mrs Nathalie DROIN
  • Mr Ludovic LACROIX

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant
Institut Gustave Roussy, UMS AMMICA

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  • AFNOR ISO 9001


  • GENOPS (Réseau des plateformes de GENOmique Paris-Saclay)

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