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UFR Simone Veil - Santé / Département de Biotechnologie de la Santé (DBS) / Plateforme de spectrométrie de masse (MasSpecLab)

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The MasSpecLab spectrometry platform (UFR Simone Veil - Santé, Department of Health Biotechnology, Université Versailles Saint Quentin) offers academic and industrial teams technical, biological and medical expertise in mass spectrometry in the form of collaborations or services. The fields of application range from elementary analysis to the analysis of more complex macromolecules such as oligonucleotides, via the analysis of intermediate-sized molecules (cellular metabolites, drugs, toxins, etc.). Analyses can be targeted and concern only a few compounds or a family of molecules, or non-targeted (metabolomics-type approach).


  • Mr Stanislas GRASSIN DELYLE
  • Mr Jean-Claude ALVAREZ

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2, avenue de la Source de la Bièvre
UVSQ, Simone Veil - Santé

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