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DISCO is a light line covering the VUV-visible range, dedicated to biology and chemistry. The spectral range is optimised between 60 and 700 nm, with conservation of the natural polarisation of the light. DISCO consists of three experimental stations: SRCD (circular dichroism with synchrotron radiation), APEX (atmospheric pressure ionisation experiments that can be coupled with mass spectrometry) and UV imaging.

SMIS is one of the two infrared spectroscopy lines at SOLEIL, together with the AILES line. The specificity of this light line is to provide a high brightness source in the 1-100 micron spectral region, with an optimization of the detection in the 2.5-100 micron region. This line is dedicated to the microscopic study of various compounds, such as, among others, polymer films, mineral inclusions, materials of biological and biomedical interest, materials of archaeological interest. A set of environmental cells will be developed to allow the study of samples under various conditions of temperature, pressure, mechanical actions etc...


  • Mr Matthieu RÉFREGIERS

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