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Studies in Science and Technology (EST)

Research unit


Unit EA 1610 Studies in Science and Technology (EST), the reception team of Paris-Sud University / Paris Saclay University, is researching on the history, the didactic and the ethics of science, technology and health.

The themes and research projects of the unit are characterized by a particular attention to the circulation, the teaching, and the promulgation of the knowledge, on the one hand, as well as on the social, epistemological, cultural, ethical issues of the sciences, techniques and health in the contemporary period, on the other hand.

The unit is composed of three internal teams (two attached to the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay, the third to the Faculty of Medicine (Kremlin-Bicêtre)):
- Orsay Science History Group (GHDSO), 17 members in June 2018
- Didactics of the Sciences of Orsay (DidaScO), 7 members in June 2018
- Ethics, Science, Health, Society (ES3), 17 members in June 2018.
In addition, EST had 19 PhD students in June 2018.


  • Mrs Ghislaine GUEUDET

Innovation themes

Map and access

Bâtiment 407, Faculté des sciences d'Orsay
91405 ORSAY

Our research areas


For the team DidaScO:
- In the academic field: Nature of Science (NoS)
- Educational innovation in higher education
- Training in research and research of teacher trainers, secondary and higher education teachers

For the team GHDSO:
- Training, circulation, practice of disciplinary knowledge (mathematics, chemistry, biology) in society (academic circles, professionals, teachers, amateurs) in 19th and 20th centuries: places, actors, institutions
- Scientific presses and periodicals (19th-20th centuries)
- Instruments / materiality / practice / heritage (19th-20th centuries)
- History of mathematics in China

For team ES3, action research in ethics concerning:
- chronic diseases (cancers, neurological degenerative diseases, mental illnesses, etc.)
- decisions (announcement of the disease, limits of the concept of consent, decisions in extreme situations, etc.)

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 60
Number of researchers : 41
Number of doctoral students : 19


Our results

Projects examples

The various teams of the unit are thus involved, among others, in the following research projects:

- Interactions, Science, Innovations, Society (ISIS) in the framework of LIDEX Paris Saclay: seminar Local offer of scientific and technical education
- ANR project Cirmath Circulation of mathematics in and through newspapers: history, territory and publics (2014-2017)
- labex Development of innovative strategies for a transdisciplinary approach to Alzheimer's disease (DISTALZ): Early interventions and diagnoses, including Alzheimer's disease and related diseases.


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