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Station de recherche de la forêt de Barbeau / ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System)

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Since 2003, the plant ecophysiology team of the ESE laboratory has been working on an experimental forest site located in the Barbeau state forest, 53 km southeast of Paris. The forest of Barbeau is a forest of sessile oaks (Quercus petraea), dominant, with an understory of hornbeams (Carpinus betulus). The station's research activities are focused on understanding the processes that govern the functioning of the tree and the forest ecosystem as a whole. Since 2005, a strong investment has been undertaken on the site, in particular through a measuring station located at the top of a 35-meter high pylon and dedicated in part to the measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor exchanges between the forest and the atmosphere. The platform is labeled a Class 1 station in the European Research Infrastructure ICOS (www.icos-ri.eu).


  • Mr Nicolas DELPIERRE
  • Mr Daniel BERVEILLER
  • Mr Eric DUFRENE
  • Mr Kamel SOUDANI

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Institut IDEEV, Lab. ESE, Equipe EV

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