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SayFood / Halle technologique Procédés Aliments (SayFood UMR AgroParisTech INRAE)

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The Halle Technologique Procédés Aliments is equipped with about 50 instrumented pilot plants for studying food process engineering. It is currently located on 2 sites in Ile-de-France:

- At Grignon: separation-fractionation pilots (distillation, membrane contactors, vapour permeation), freeze-drying, fermentation, cheese-making equipment and instrumented and controlled maturation chambers.

- At Massy: filtration pilots (frontal, tangential), electrodialysis, evaporation, ion exchange chromatography, drying (of liquids (atomisation, on heating cylinder), of solids (hot air, superheated steam), grinding, crystallisation, extrusion, frying, thermo-mechanical processing line and aseptic packaging, plus a Plateau Francilien d'Etudes Céréalières (FRECE) with a dough preparation workshop and a baking workshop.


  • Mrs Marie DEBACQ

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1, avenue des Olympiades
AgroParisTech, centre de Massy
91744 MASSY

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