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Réseau des Serres Expérimentales de Paris-Saclay (RéSEPS)

Technological platform


Created in 2015, this network is an association of 3 experimental plant production departments belonging to the following units: IPS2, IDEEV and I2BC belonging to the CNRS, INRA and Université Paris-Sud. This network is composed of about ten agents and a total of about 1500 m2 of cultivable land (all types combined: S1/S2/S3/botanical). Its objective is to bring together plant experimentation services on the scale of the Paris-Saclay territory in order to propose a coherent offer and create links between greenhouse growers. We offer our services to both public and private partners and we organise adapted training for our community (e.g. Certiphyto).
We also develop technical partnerships with companies to develop our infrastructures (e.g. replacement of lighting with DEL).
In 2019, the plant cultivation platform of the IJPB in Versailles will double the network's workforce as well as the sum of our cultivation infrastructures and thus further develop our evolution.


  • Mr Guillaume LUCAS

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