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Radiation Protection, Safety, Dismantling engineering (iRSD)

Research unit


iRSD is a unit of advice and expertise for nuclear research facilities. The engineers provide their experience and expertise in the fields of radiation protection, health and safety management at work, nuclear safety, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste management.
The iRSD intervenes in the framework of services (punctual work) or collaborations (long-term works) with laboratories of the CNRS or other national or European research institutions.


Innovation themes

Map and access

Rue Henri Becquerel
Centre Universitaire Paris-Sud, Bâtiment 201, Porte. 1
91898 ORSAY

Our research areas


- operational radiation protection and design of nuclear research facilities
- Monte Carlo computation codes for transport and particle interactions
- safety system design (PSS, hardwired logic / safety PLCs)
- draft ASN authorization file for nuclear activities and document management set up
- analysis of risk management organization
- radiological impact studies
- risk assessment
- financial and technical analysis of the dismantling operation of nuclear research facilities
- radiological measurements
- radiological characterization by gamma spectrometry
- studies for the management of radioactive waste: implementation / analysis of management processes, support for the disposal of existing waste ...

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Energy
  • Other industry
  • Administration / Public sector

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 4

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- 1 Ge gamma spectrometer (40%, ISOCS characterized), mobile
- 2 LaBr gamma spectrometers (2 inches) for fast qualitative measurements
- plastic scintillators for the radiological measurement of vehicles (cars, trucks, to be made on the site of the UPS)


Our results

Valuation offer

Projects examples

- radioprotection calculations (shielding) for the petaWatt laser of the Institute of Extreme Light
- expertise on the radioactive waste management process for CERN
- financial evaluation of the dismantling of the SOLEIL Synchrotron facilities
- risk assessment (radiological and conventional) for the LAL (ThomX)
- study and design of the PSS safety system for LAL and IPN Orsay (ThomX - Andromède)
- Apollon ASN authorization file (Laser 10 PW - LULI)
- expertise on Apollo's PSS security system

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: LCP, LAL, Institut de Lumière Extrême, Apollon, Synchrotron SOLEIL
- Europe: CERN


Establishments of affiliation