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PARADISE : Plateforme pour les Activités de Recherche Appliquées et de Développement en Instrumentation Sol et Espace

Technological platform


PARADISE is a national Scientific Interest Group (GIS) that federates the main French integration, testing and calibration resources for instrumentation in the sciences of the universe (on-board instrumentation on satellites or balloons, or on the ground).
3 of the 6 founding partners of the GIS (IAS calibration station, AIM test facilities, OVSQ integration and test platform) are located within the Paris-Saclay perimeter and offer an environment conducive to the development and testing of space payloads or small satellites, as well as instrumentation in difficult environments (vacuum, partial atmosphere, high and low temperatures). In addition to ISO-8 to ISO-5 clean rooms, the GIS has test facilities for creating various environments including space vacuum, vibration test machines and physical measurement instruments.


  • Mr Benoît HOREAU
  • Mr Paul LAMI
  • Mr Pierre MASO
  • Mr Jérôme PARISOT
  • Mr Eric PRIETO

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