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MetaGenoPolis (MGP)

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MetaGenoPolis (MGP) is an INRAE centre with expertise in gut microbiota research applied to human and animal health and nutrition. To explore the link between microbiota, nutrition and health, MGP has innovative technological platforms and an ethical centre at UCLy (Université Catholique de Lyon). MGP offers end-to-end microbiota analysis services, including biobanking, DNA extraction, library preparation, shotgun sequencing, quantitative and functional metagenomics, large data storage and computing facilities, bioinformatics, statistical analysis and data interpretation. One of the MGP's ambitions is to create, via the Le French Gut national citizen contribution project, a database of the gut microbiota of 100,000 French individuals, one of the objectives of which will be to map and better understand the heterogeneity of the gut microbiota of healthy French people and its deviation in chronic diseases. The protocols and procedures are ISO 9001 certified and are constantly maintained at the cutting edge of technology. MGP also aims to develop more industrial partnerships and the creation of start-ups to accelerate microbiota science and innovation in health and nutrition.


  • Mr Alexandre CAVEZZA
  • Mrs Florence HAIMET

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Domaine de Vilvert
MICALIS, INRAE, centre de Jouy-en-Josas

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  • AFNOR ISO 9001


  • GENOPS (Réseau des plateformes de GENOmique Paris-Saclay)

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