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Laboratoire en Informatique Haute Performance pour le Calcul et la simulation (LIHPC)

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The LIHPC is an applied research laboratory that covers all the activities necessary for numerical simulation: parallel programming languages ??for heterogeneous computers, the management of data flows and input-outputs for codes, code development platforms for simulation, the development of numerical methods and simulation codes, the estimation of precision and numerical errors, the use of large volumes of data from codes and measurements (visualization, data processing), the meshing of geometries and the management of databases for codes.
The work of LIHPC is intended to be integrated into software in production in computer centers. The LIHPC makes its software available according to the principles of free software to promote and accelerate its research, in collaboration with national and international partners. It also helps promote HPC computing nationally and internationally. This laboratory is located on the Teratec Campus near the TGCC (CEA's Very Large Computing Center), which facilitates interactions with other players in high performance computing.


  • Mr Franck LEDOUX

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2, rue de la Piquetterie
Laboratoire en Informatique Haute Performance pour le Calcul et la simulation (ou LiHPC), CEA, Campus TERATEC

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