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IPSIT / Plateforme d'Histologie souris Immunopathologie de Clamart (PHIC)

Technological platform


The Experimental Histology platform, located in the UMR-S996 in Clamart and created in 2010, aims to offer its expertise in the immunopathological analysis of genetically modified mice and animal models of human inflammatory and/or haematological pathologies. Its expertise is particularly strong in the macroscopic and histological analysis of the skin, lymphoid organs, liver, lungs, digestive tract, heart, bladder, bones and brain. It also has a tissue library of healthy mouse organs and organs from animal models studied at UMRS-996.
The platform is aimed at academics and industrialists, both locally and nationally, and offers modular services ranging from technical advice for the creation of animal models to morphological and in situ analyses.


  • Mrs Françoise BACHELERIE
  • Mr Dominique BERREBI
  • Mrs Françoise MERCIER-NOMÉ

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32, rue des Carnets
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris-Sud

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  • Réseau de pathologistes de l'IGR Villejuif
  • Réseau des animaleries de Paris-Sud

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