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IPSIT / Plateforme de Cytométrie H.Moissan (CYM)

Technological platform


The flow cytometry platform (PLAIMMO) of the Unité Mixte de Service ? Ingénierie et Plateformes au Service de l'Innovation Thérapeutique (UMS-IPSIT) located on the Clamart site regularly offers its services to academic research teams in the Paris-Saclay region as well as to industrialists. The platform's staff is at your disposal to help you carry out fundamental and preclinical research projects on experimental models as well as clinical research protocols.
Its staff is also at your service for the development of new techniques using flow cytometry. The platform's flow cytometry equipment allows for the phenotyping of cells by detecting membrane and intracellular molecules (biomarkers), but also for functional studies such as the detection of protein phosphorylation, cell proliferation, the quantification of excreted cytokines or chemokines or the detection of RNA. Finally, high-throughput cell sorting is also offered by the platform.
The platform is also equipped to measure gene expression using real-time quantitative PCR. Our activities, which may be related to those of other platforms, allow the identification of new biomarkers that may be therapeutic targets.


  • Mrs Marie-Laure AKNIN

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17 Avenue des Sciences
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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