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Institute of Public Law Studies (I.E.D.P.)

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The Institute of Public Law Studies (I.E.D.P.), created in 1996, is the public law center of the Jean Monnet faculty. Structured in two poles - the internal public law pole and the pole of European and international law - the IEDP gathers a team of researchers and researchers publicist teachers and regularly welcomes external members, often practitioners from the State major administration's departments but also of international institutions. The IEDP relies on this network to organize annual scientific events in various formats and objects around the themes of governance (territorial and international), the environment and heritage or the history of administrative law. Since its creation, IEDP hosts the Center for Research and Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (CREDHO).

Created in 1990 by Paul Tavernier, CREDHO has two components: CREDHO-Rouen and CREDHO-Paris Sud. CREDHO-Paris Sud is integrated within the IEDP. It aims to bring together all those interested in human rights and humanitarian law, whatever their specialty: public law, criminal law, international law, etc.

As of 2005, the general international dimension has once again become one of the areas of research. This is the reason why the unit is now organized around two poles, one devoted to the study of internal public law, the other to that of international and European law (including of course the CREDHO).



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Over the years, and at the mercy of recruitments, the IEDP has increased the specialization of public internal law alongside CREDHO, which has specialized in the European field of human rights. The CREDHO is now one of the reference centers, particularly with regard to the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Its scientific policy is organized around common themes within each cluster (such as those of governance or the environment) which does not prevent any of them from developing its own themes.

Mainly focused initially on human rights, the work carried out within IEDP has diversified and is now organized into two poles, one devoted to internal public law, the other to international and European law. The selected research axes are divided into symposia, including an annual study day organized by the doctoral students of the laboratory, as well as seminars.

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Total number of employees : 53
Number of researchers : 24
Number of doctoral students : 29


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- France: National Institute of Higher Studies of Security and Justice, Institute of Higher National Defense Studies, French Society for Environmental Law, Club of Jurists, French Association for Administrative Law, National Council for the Training of Local Elected Officials, Administrative Court of Appeal of Versailles, International Society for Research in Law of Cultural Heritage and Law of Art
- International: African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (C.A.M.E.S.)


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