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INRA / US EPGV- Etude du Polymorphisme des Genomes Végétaux

Technological platform


The major challenges in plant breeding are the analysis of the diversity and evolution of genes and genomes, the identification of factors controlling traits of agronomic and/or adaptive interest (genetic mapping of QTLs, association genetics), marker-assisted selection and genomic selection.

-Develop protocols adapted to the specificities of plant species (genome size, autogamy, allogamy, wide genetic variability, polyploidy, etc.) according to the technological developments available on the Genomics Institute's platforms

To provide various teams (INRA, CIRAD, etc.) with high-throughput sequencing and genotyping tools to meet the needs of their scientific programmes

-Establish, in collaboration with bioinformaticians, processes and tools for the analysis and management of polymorphism data

-Participate in the network of different genomic platforms and more particularly in the national infrastructure "France Génomique" of which the EPGV is a partner


  • Mrs Marie-Christine LE PASLIER
  • Mrs Aurélie BERARD

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2, rue Gaston Crémieux
CEA Paris-Saclay, site d'Evry, Unité EPGV (US 1279)
91057 ÉVRY

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  • GENOPS (Réseau des plateformes de GENOmique Paris-Saclay)

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