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IJPB / Observatoire du végétal - Plateforme de culture de plantes

Technological platform


The plant cultivation platform allows the production and monitoring of crops under controlled conditions in greenhouses, with the possibility of access to S3 quarantine and bio-security facilities. The platform has 3500 m2 of S2 (15 greenhouses) or S3 (1 greenhouse) bio-security greenhouses and approximately 350 m2 of culture chambers (about thirty air-conditioned chambers) where the climate (light, daylight, hygrometry, etc.) can be fully configured. The platform can also accommodate quarantine organisms after approval and is capable of producing several tens of thousands of plants per year. This platform is integrated into the LabEx SPS infrastructure network (www6.inra.fr/saclay-plant-sciences/Infrastructures) and is part of the University of Paris-Saclay's network of experimental greenhouses (RéSEPS). The platform provides access to a range of plant culture equipment and recognised expertise in plant culture. All plant species can be accommodated, whether for academic laboratories (production of mutagenised plant collections, custom cultivation, phenotyping, etc.) or private laboratories (mineral fertilisation experiments, testing of phytosanitary products and pathogens, etc.).


  • Mr Christian MEYER
  • Mr Lilian DAHURON
  • Mr Hervé FERRY

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Route de Saint-Cyr
Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, INRAE centre de Versailles-Grignon

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