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IDMIT / Laboratoire d'imagerie de l'infection et de l'immunité (L3I)

Technological platform


L3i offers equipment and expertise in in vivo and ex vivo imaging for the study of host-pathogen interactions in non-human primate models of infectious diseases. Our objectives are to characterize the dynamics of pathogen transmission and dissemination, to characterize the dynamics of the immune response to infections and treatments, and to monitor the distribution of treatments. Different in vivo imaging modalities allowing the exploration of the immune system from the whole body to the cell are installed in laboratories of biological conifinence level 2 and 3 (Positron Emission Tomography coupled to an X-ray Computed Tomography ( TEP-TDM) (Vereos, Philips), a biphotonic microscope (SP8 MP, Leica) adapted to the primate, a confocal endomicroscopy system (Cellvizio, Maunakea), a near infrared camera system (Fluobeam, Fluoptics)). Moreover, our expertise in histology allows us to characterize the different markers of immunity at the tissue level by immunohistofluorescence and immunohistochemistry.


  • Mr Roger LE GRAND
  • Mr Frédéric DUCANCEL
  • Mrs Catherine CHAPON

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18, route du Panorama
CEA Paris-Saclay, site de Fontenay-aux-Roses, IDMIT

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