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IDMIT / Equipe d'informatique et bioinformatique (IBI)

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Within the IDMIT department of the Institut François Jacob, the IBI team has been developing and maintaining a laboratory data management system (LIMS) called BATLab since 2012.
Thanks to its location and the daily interactions with the actors of immunology, it has become the keystone of the IDMIT organisation.
The numerous projects of our different laboratories are planned there months in advance to manage and optimise the schedule of our platforms, while keeping a great flexibility to adapt to last minute needs, including the recent COVID-19.
The management of our primate animal facilities (A1, A2, A3, A3 aero) is also essential, and concern for animal welfare (AAALAC) is omnipresent.
Our activity also relies on critical management of our biological resource centre (CRB) and our stocks of reagents, antibodies, drugs, (...) or other pathogens. Micro-organisms and toxins (MOT) and related studies are also managed with particular attention, which has fully satisfied the ANSM.
The results of experiments from the various platforms (cytometry, multiplex, viral loads, nfs, etc.) are hosted and visualised there - like the rest of the information in the LIMS - using Tableau Software data visualisation software.
At the end of the pipeline, BATLab finally manages certain aspects of invoicing and units of work, including the costs of housing animals for the various projects.


  • Mr Roger LE GRAND
  • Mr Frédéric DUCANCEL
  • Mr Brice TARGAT

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