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ICSN / Souchothèque

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The ICSN strain library is a bank of more than 1,200 symbiotic microorganisms. Fungi are identified by amplification of the ITS4 or ITS1 region of the l'ADNr and bacterial isolates are identified on the basis of 16S ADNr sequence analyses. The sequences are aligned with GenBank ADNr sequences, NCBI, using BLASTN 2.2.28 and deposited into GenBank for accession numbers. Strains are stored in triplicate at -80°C. From these strains, standardised extracts are generated by culturing on PDA solid medium and extracting with ethyl acetate. These extracts are then distributed in multi-well plates in order to be screened on different biological targets. A database is associated with the ICSN strain library and indicates the hosts from which the micro-organisms were isolated, their identifications, the extracts generated, the bioassay data, and the research programmes for which each strain was isolated and/or identified. Some of these extracts of micro-organisms are registered in the extract library and can be consulted by the whole scientific community.


  • Mrs Véronique EPARVIER

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