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I2BC / Plateforme de spectroscopie RAMAN de résonance

Technological platform


This platform provides advanced Raman and FLN spectroscopy equipment (7 spectrometers, with several accessories, wide temperature range possible (thermostats 273-320 K, cryostats 4-250 K)).
Analyses feasible on samples of all physical forms, in particular those containing pigmented molecules (see below).
The laboratory specialises in the physico-chemical properties of pigmented cofactors in biology (carotenoids, chlorophylls, hemes, flavins), including in vivo studies of biochemical, photo-induced and regulatory reactions.
Sample state (liquid, powder, gel, solid) limited only by the size of the signal (presence of pigmented molecules necessary for measurements in complex media).
Recent examples: regulatory processes in photosynthetic membranes in vivo (whole leaves and microorganisms), molecular structure of carotenoids and opsins in the human retina ex vivo.
This platform is part of the I2BC Biophysics Platforms cluster which includes EPR, FTIR, Raman Resonance, Electron Spectroscopy and Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy platforms.


  • Mr Andrew PASCAL

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CEA/DRF/JOLIOT, CEA Paris-Saclay, I2BC@SACLAY, SB2SM and I2BC (UMR 9198)

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