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I2BC / Plateforme de cytométrie (I2BC - plateformes IMAGERIE-GIF)

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The Flow Cytometry platform: over 25 years of service! It provides more than 300 services per year for various research groups belonging to different supervisory bodies or private companies.
The department's publications reflect the numerous collaborations developed with the various institutes of the Paris-Saclay community as well as with other partners such as INRA, INSERM, IRD, CIRAD and French and foreign universities. Its versatile experience and expertise in fluorescent probes allow it to adapt cytometry to a wide range of projects from public and private laboratories.
Its partnership with SPS (Labex Saclay Plant Sciences) contributes to an important activity in the field of plant biology.
The Flow Cytometry platform offers the measurement of fluorescence of one or more (> 10) fluorochromes simultaneously, cell by cell.
This technology makes it possible to study i) the determination of the amount of nuclear DNA for the study of cell cycles and endoreplication, ii) the determination of DNA for research purposes in ecology and systematics, and variety improvement (ploidy analysis), iii) the monitoring of gene activity by the expression of one or more reporter genes (such as that of the "Green Fluorescent Protein"-GFP and other fluorescent proteins), iv) measurements of metabolic activities of the cell (biosensors): calcium, pH, membrane potential, oxidative bursts, glutathione. ., v) immunological analyses, vi) sorting of animal cells, yeast, bacteria, protoplasts and cell organelles.


  • Mr Mickaël BOURGE

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  • AFNOR NF X 50-900
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  • Association Française de Cytométrie

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