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Hémostase Inflammation Thrombose

Research unit


The Hemostasis, Inflammation and Thrombosis Unit is interested in the platelets biology and associated cardiovascular diseases. This well-defined research perimeters, hospital involvement and the I2B's technical resources at the Bicêtre hospital site offer high international visibility. It brings together two synergistic teams, each made up of biologists and clinicians. Team 1 studies the physiology of haemostasis and its pathological aspects, focusing particularly on haemorrhagic pathologies, such as hemophilia, Willebrand disease, filaminopathies, gray platelet syndrome or Scott's syndrome. In addition, this team is in charge of the nanobodies synthesis, new tools created from antibodies for the study of biological phenomena and the treatment of pathologies. Team 2 is interested in the communication between inflammation and hemostasis and its implications in vascular pathologies as well as in platelet and endothelial calcium homeostasis. Some projects are of a fundamental nature while another aspect aims to develop new therapies.


  • Mrs Cécile DENIS

Innovation themes

Map and access

80, rue du Général Leclerc
CHU de Bicêtre, Bâtiment Grégory Pincus

Our research areas


- hematology
- hemostasis, hemorrhagic events, thrombosis
- hemophilia
- willebrand's disease
- thrombopathies
- biology and synthesis of nanobodies
- biology of serpins
- vascular cells, endothelium
- platelet and endothelial calcium homeostasis
- inflammation (relationships between platelets-leukocytes-vascular integrity)

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Health / wellness
  • Education / Training

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 39
Number of researchers : 15
Number of doctoral students : 4

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- chromatography columns
- G-box, Syngene
- C6 flow cytometer, Accuri
- Octet Plate Reader, FortéBIO
- Octet CK
- Akta purifier 10-UV900
- bioflux
- spectrophotometer 6715 UV, Jenway
- 4-channel aggregometer, Chrono-Log
- right Microscopes Eclipe 6600, Nikon
- eclipse TE2000 Inverted Microscopes, Nikon
- sonicator
- ultracentrifuge
- electronic microscope (LVEM5)
- videomicroscopy
- veterinary blood meter
- iCelligence System


Our results

Valuation offer

Expertise :
- Nanobodies synthesis, coupling to fluorochromes
- Coagulation tests (in vitro, in vivo)
- Calcium imaging
- Platelet functions evaluation (aggregation / adherence, thrombis formation in vitro under haemodynamic conditions, secretion, signaling)
- In vivo thrombosis models in mice (videomicroscopy)
- Inflammation Models in Mice (dermatitis, peritonitis ...)

- WO2010070137: serine protease derivatives and uses in the prevention or treatment of haemophilia
- development of antithrombin variants for therapeutic purposes
- development of therapeutic nanobodies in the field of hemorrhagic diseases

Biological material:
- in vitro models: eukaryotic line producing wild and mutated, murine and human coagulation factors
- in vivo models: KO-SERCA3 mouse, FVIII KO mouse, VWF-KO, VWF-2B-KI, FX-LoxP / MX1-Cre, LRP1-LOxP / LysM-Cre
- bank of more than 200 genetic variants of antithrombin
- monoclonal antibodies (mice) against VWF
- nanobodies (lama antibodies) against coagulation proteins

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France : Inserm, CNRS, CHRU of Lille, CHU of Lyon
- Europe : England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
- International : Japan, United States

Private collaborations

- collaboration with several french and international companies


Establishments of affiliation