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GENOSCOPE / Plate-forme MicroScope - Annotation et analyses comparatives de génomes microbiens - Genopole

Technological platform


MicroScope is a web-based platform dedicated to the annotation and exploration of microbial gene functions through comparative genomic, genome-wide and metabolic analyses. The platform supports the integration of newly assembled genomes and metagenomes and also provides high-throughput sequencing data analysis services for transcriptomics and variant searching.MicroScope's user interface enables collaborative work within a rich comparative context to enhance the curation effort by the community.


  • Mr Julien PICOT
  • Mr David VALLENET
  • Mrs Alexandra CALTEAU

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2, rue Gaston Crémieux
CEA Paris-Saclay, site d'Evry, GENOSCOPE / Génomique métabolique du Génoscope, UMR 8030
91000 ÉVRY

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