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GENOPOLE / Plate-forme Bioproduction en fermenteurs

Technological platform


The fermenter bioproduction platform offers equipment and associated expertise for the bioproduction in fermenters of compounds of interest (drugs, biofuels, biomaterials, etc.) by yeasts or bacteria under aerobic or anaerobic culture conditions. The range of fermenters present on the platform allows for a progressive scale-up: the four mini-fermenters of 350 mL to 1 litre make it possible to test several culture conditions in parallel with the aim of obtaining an optimal yield of the compound of interest, before the intermediate scale of 2 or 5 litres making it possible to ensure that the production conditions are stable, and finally a scale-up to an industrial pilot of 20 litres.


  • Mr Julien PICOT
  • Mr Frédéric AUSTRUY

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4, rue Pierre Fontaine
91058 ÉVRY