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FARMAN Institute

Research unit


The FARMAN Institute federates and animates the work of five research laboratories of ENS Paris-Saclay (CMLA, LMT, LSV, LURPA, SATIE) in the field of modeling, simulation and validation of complex systems.
The institute initiates and supports numerous multidisciplinary research projects addressing problems at the scientific and technological interfaces.


  • Mr Laurent FRIBOURG

Innovation themes

Map and access

61, avenue du Président Wilson
94235 CACHAN

Our research areas


- treatment of complex physical, software or hybrid systems
- numerical modeling of complex systems
- systems verification
- Characterization and properties of materials
- validation, control, optimization of complex systems

Applications sectors

  • IT / software
  • Mechanics

Total number of employees

Number of researchers : 60

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academic and Industrial:
- DIGISCOPE: high-performance visualization infrastructure for collaborative interaction with massive data and calculations
- Fablab
- meso-computing center
- software cell
- mechanical test center
- instrumentation and imaging systems
- electrical energy systems and sensors
- Experimental production-additive equipment


Our results

Valuation offer

Continuing training on the following topics:
systems verifications, guaranteed systems, numerical optimization, characterization, reverse problems, signal processing, sensors, numerical simulation, finite element computation, numerical precision, parallel computing, high performance computing, science of data (data analytics), non-destructive testing, validation, experience-model confrontation, digital experience plans, data visualization, human-machine interface, model order reduction, compressed sensing / parsimonious representations

Software Prototyping

Scientific Adviser in Industrial Engineering

Provision / rental of the SHIVA image wall room (DIGISCOPE project) at ENS Paris-Saclay

Projects examples

Industrial and scientific relations

Private collaborations

- collaboration with several major groups


Establishments of affiliation