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ECOSYS / The Biological Resource Centre for the Environment (BRC4Env)

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The network of Biological Resource Centres and "environmental resources" collections, BRC4Env, collects, preserves, secures, characterises and makes available biological resources from the environment (biological material and associated data), in a secure manner and with optimal traceability. These biological and/or genomic resources are sampled from soils, sediments, waters and agricultural ecosystems and stored in organised collections. They concern microbial communities, as well as animal and plant resources, useful for research in the field of agroecology, whose management or propagation does not depend directly on human intervention.
These resources are used to :
- describe, document and characterise the various components of the environment
- develop processes for biocontrol of crop pests,
- understanding the interactions between different types of hosts and pests.
BRC4Env supports basic and applied research and makes these resources available to researchers from academia, industry and civil society (ONG...).
BRC4Env's Biological Resource Centres and collections are based on analytical platforms and ecosystem access facilities. They implement the Nagoya Protocol.


  • Mr Christian MOUGIN

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