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ECOSYS / Plateforme de culture de plantes en conditions contrôlées

Technological platform


The platform is composed of three types of installations (phytotrons, greenhouses, outdoor phenotyping platform) designed to grow plants under (semi-)controlled conditions.
- Three 20 m3 phytotrons (useful surface of 3.6 m² for a height of 2 m) for growing plants under controlled conditions (10 to 35°C +/-0.5°C, illumination of 400 µmol/m²/s, relative hygrometry: 30 to 90%). These installations are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by an on-call team.
- Two greenhouse compartments, one of which is 55 m² and equipped with lamps and a misting system. It is maintained under overpressure to avoid external contamination (air filtered against insects and pathogens).
- A 100 m² phenotyping platform equipped with a pest control net and a mobile remote sensing gantry, capable of accommodating crops in columns and/or trays on a wide variety of growth substrates, with possible control of hydromineral nutrition.
These installations allow the deployment of experiments on innovative growing systems. These systems allow for fine monitoring of the development of the aerial and root structures of the plants and the macrofauna studied (1 m3 culture tanks, rhizotrons, hydroponic systems, etc.)
A range of measuring devices is associated with these installations and cultivation devices. It consists of photosynthesis analysers (Li-6400xt, ADC, CIRAS), devices for characterising the aerial and root architecture of plants (Li-cor planimeter, LIDAR Sick, scanner) and a spectroradiometer (MAYA 2000pro).


  • Mr Alain FORTINEAU

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