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ECOSYS / Observatoire de l'utilisation des produits résiduaires organiques en agriculture (SOERE PRO)

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SOERE PRO is an environmental research observatory made up of 8 long-term experimental field devices, studying the agronomic effects and potential risks of the return of PROs to the soil: 5 instrumented sites to monitor applied PROs, agrosystem compartments, greenhouse gas emissions, soil climate, water and weather (Qualiagro in Ile de France, PRO'spective Grand-Est, EFELE in Brittany, SOERE PRO - Réunion, SOERE PRO - Senegal). 3 associated sites with little or no instrumentation (La Bouzule Grand-Est, Couhins Nouvelle Aquitaine, Gampéla site in Burkina Faso).
The SOERE PRO was labelled in 2011 and 2015 by ALLENVI, 4 sites are integrated into ANAEE-France. In 2018, the observatory was labelled as a collective scientific infrastructure (CSI) by INRA (INRAE).
Changes in agro-systems are measured, at the scale of the agricultural plot, as PROs are added from urban and agricultural activities and from different treatment channels. Monitoring is harmonised between sites (PRO, soil, plant, water, air): major elements, crop yields, chemical/organic contaminants, human pathogens, nitrogenous residues, soil physical properties.
The results of SOERE PRO are integrated into global multi-criteria analyses associating benefits and risks. They are used to develop models to test scenarios for the insertion of PROs in crop systems in order to optimise their use. Two research projects led by EcoSys also aim to develop a multi-criteria tool for controlling PRO inputs (coord. S Houot, PSDR PROleg and ADEME PROterr). The work also contributes to the hosting of research projects (e.g. CasDAR Microbioterre, H2020 Landmard, etc.) and to the training of students (masters, doctorates).


  • Mrs Sabine HOUOT
  • Mrs Aurélia MICHAUD
  • Mrs Camille RESSEGUIER

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