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Andromede is at the centre of a multidisciplinary collaboration at the University of Paris-Saclay that proposes a new instrument to modify and analyse all solid surfaces using hydrogen impact up to that of nanoparticles in the MeV energy range. Installed in July 2015 at SuperAco, the accelerator (a 4 MV pelletron) has been operational since November 2016 after obtaining ASN approval. Andromède is an IN2P3 labelled platform since 2017.


  • Mr Serge DELLA NEGRA
  • Mrs Isabelle RIBAUD

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15, rue Georges Clémenceau
ICJlab, Campus universitaire d'Orsay
91405 ORSAY

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  • IN2P3 Platform


  • FR3618 Réseau national d'accélérateurs pour l'irradiation et l'analyse des molécules et matériaux EMIR&A

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