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AILES (Advanced Infrared Line Exploited for Spectroscopy)

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AILES is the lowest energy line of the SOLEIL Synchrotron: the spectral range covered extends from the mid-infrared to the sub-millimetre waves (or THz). The research topics developed on AILES range from molecular spectroscopy to studies of the optical properties of materials, with a wide range of subjects relating to physics, chemistry and biology. The line is equipped with three interferometers allowing measurements by Fourier transform interferometry at resolutions down to 0.0007 cm-1 (0.1 microeV).
The line is completed by a set of sample environments allowing measurements of materials under pressure (up to 100 GPa), under stabilised temperature (between 0.2 K and 600 K) and under controlled atmospheres. Molecules or radicals can be probed using long-travel cells (up to 400 m) and cryogenic temperatures (up to 100 K). Radicals or reactive molecules can be investigated in specific cells.


  • Mr Jean-Blaise BRUBACH
  • Mrs Pascale ROY

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