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Versailles Saint-Quentin Public Institutions Research Center (VIP)

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The Versailles Saint-Quentin Public Institutions Research Center (VIP) is made up of almost fifty members. Its main purpose is the study of institutions from an interdisciplinary angle, using public law, political science, sociology and the history of law. The activity of the laboratory is centered on two lines of research: Law of public action and Normative interactions

The VIP laboratory was created in 2008 after an evolution in several historical stages. Today, VIP is connected to the international right axis and remains more generally attached to one of the major themes of research in the human and social sciences of Paris-Saclay: standards, regulations and public actions.


  • Mrs Pascale BERTONI

Innovation themes

Map and access

3, rue de la division Leclerc
Bâtiment Leclerc

Our research areas


Law of public action:
- study of actors
- political right
- supervision standards
- analysis of the legal tools of public action
- right of local authorities
- public procurement law
- fiscal law
- public finances
- public litigation
- Public health

Interactions between legal systems
- reports of constitutionality as of conventionality
- review of normative hierarchies
- Hybridization of the sources of law
- reality of the judges' dialogue
- regulation of interdependencies
- resolution of conflicts of primacy between the legal systems

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Administration / Public sector

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 50
Number of researchers : 30
Number of doctoral students : 20


Our results

Projects examples

- Dictionary of Education Law
- Local Action and World Heritage Symposium

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- International: Partnership with Council of Europe


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