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UMS AMMICA / Plateforme Cellules Circulantes Rares

Technological platform


The rare circulating cells platform is specialised in the analysis of rare blood events such as circulating tumour cells (CTCs), circulating endothelial cells/progenitors (CECs/CEPs), as well as in the evaluation of plasma or serum protein biomarkers such as angiogenesis factors For the past 4 years, the platform's activity has mainly focused on the analysis of CTCs with three components: -1) The detection and molecular characterisation of these cells as biomarkers in the context of therapeutic trials, 2) The development of new technologies for the molecular analysis of CTCs, -3) Exploratory research projects aimed at developing tumour models of CTCs in mice.


  • Mrs Françoise FARACE

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant
Institut Gustave Roussy, UMS AMMICA