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TEFOR Paris-Saclay (UMS TPS)

Technological platform


The joint service unit TEFOR Paris-Saclay (UMS TPS), created in 2019, offers its expertise in aquatic model organisms to provide a range of innovative services and promote the use of these models in fundamental and applied research. The aquatic models developed by TEFOR Paris-Saclay are fish, in particular zebrafish, and xenopods.
TEFOR Paris-Saclay offers the scientific community a wide range of services: animal housing, production of lines of interest by genome editing, phenotyping by imaging of large fixed samples, as well as support for the management and analysis of these image data. In order to be always in adequacy with the needs of the community, it carries out a strong multidisciplinary technological research.
TEFOR Paris-Saclay is organised into three departments
- Animal science (TPS-AQUA), which manages the aquatic animal facility and associated services;
- the TEFOR Core Facility (TPS-TCF), which offers services in genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9, TPS-EDIT), phenotyping by three-dimensional imaging (TPS-PHENO) and 3D image database management (TPS-INFO);
- the scientific affairs coordination unit (TPS-CCAS), which orchestrates the platform's administrative management, carries out structuring projects for and with the scientific community and establishes communication actions to promote TPS's service activity. The coordination of the EFOR network, consisting of the regular updating of the dedicated website and the organisation of an annual seminar, is one of the community-structuring actions carried out by TPS-CCAS.
The supervisors of TEFOR Paris-Saclay are CNRS, INRAE and the University of Paris-Saclay.


  • Mr Pierre AFFATICATI
  • Mrs Johanna DJIAN-ZAOUCHE
  • Mr Jean-Stéphane JOLY

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