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Synchrotron SOLEIL / SWING

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Providing information on the structure of matter at scales from the nanometre to the micrometre, the SWING line will address many questions related to soft matter, the conformation of macromolecules in solution and composite materials in materials science.

This experimental facility will allow simultaneous small-angle (SAXS) and wide-angle (WAXS) X-ray scattering measurements in the 5-17 kev energy range as well as grazing incidence scattering (GISAXS). Anomalous scattering experiments will also be possible. Emphasis will be placed on the variety of samples that can be studied, solutions, gels, amorphous solids, crystallised solids and the diversity of the corresponding environments.


  • Mr Javier PEREZ
  • Mr Thomas BIZIEN
  • Mr Aurelien THUREAU

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Synchrotron SOLEIL

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