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Synchrotron SOLEIL / SMIS

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The SMIS (Synchrotron IR Spectroscopy and Microscopy) line is the infrared microspectroscopy (µIRTF) line of the SOLEIL synchrotron. It allows the analysis of the chemical composition of biological micro-samples in the mid and far infrared range with spatial resolutions of the order of 3-15 µm.
Complementary IR analysis methods allowing to obtain spatial resolutions of the order of a few hundred nanometers to a few tens of nanometers are also available on the SMIS line.
The µIRTF analysis is non-destructive and does not require contact with the sample, the evolution of the sample under different forms of stress (physical, chemical) can be followed. These analyses allow to chemically map tissues (animal and vegetal) and to differentiate the individual composition of each cell layer, or to analyze single cells in culture, either fixed cells or living and hydrated cells. Multiple information on the chemical nature of the sample can be obtained:
- Identification of ectopic crystallizations (calcium carbonate, apatite) in tissues (kidney, cartilage)
- Quantitative information on the concentration of various biomolecules such as lipids, sugars or proteins
- The conformation of molecules, such as the organization of lipid membranes or the amyloid conformation of protein deposits in tissues or cells.


  • Mr Ferenc BORONDICS
  • Mr Christophe SANDT

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