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PROXIMA-1 (PX1) is part of the integrative structural biology team based at SOLEIL in the biology and health scientific section, HelioBiology. Operational since March 2008, PROXIMA-1 is specialised in the measurement of bio-crystallographic data on macromolecules, as is PROXIMA-2A. It offers an adapted and optimised light beam for x-ray diffraction studies of large biological molecule crystals, at high spectral resolutions and for samples particularly sensitive to radiation damage. The line is equipped with a large area, fast-reading x-ray detector. In combination with a robot for automated sample exchange, this configuration allows the study of a very large number of crystals in a short time. Advanced data collection strategies are routinely available by taking advantage of a state-of-the-art 3-circle goniometer.


  • Mr Leonard CHAVAS

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