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SHFJ / Imagerie préclinique et clinique, in vivo IRM1.5T (ex-CIERM)

Technological platform


The preclinical and clinical, in vivo, 1.5 T MRI technical platform is currently located within the Frederic Joliot Hospital Service (SHFJ/CEA) in Orsay (Ile de France, Essonne), within the BioMaps joint research unit. The platform is equipped with a 1.5 Tesla whole-body MRI scanner, the particularity of which is the use of multi-nuclei (Proton but also Helium, Fluor, etc.). The objective of this platform is to enable research teams from all backgrounds (research organisations, industry, universities, etc.) to develop original imaging methods and/or to conduct protocols requiring the use of an MRI scanner.


  • Mrs Rose-Marie DUBUISSON
  • Mr Emmanuel DURAND

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4, place du Général Leclerc
CEA Paris-Saclay, SHFJ / BIOMAPS
91401 ORSAY

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