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Science pour l' action et le développement : activités, produits, territoires (SADAPT)

Research unit


The Science for Action and Development Laboratory - Activities, products and work on complex research questions on the dynamics of socio-technical systems and socio-ecological systems linked to the transformation of worlds and agricultural and rural areas. This work is based on partnerships with the actors and organizations of the agricultural and territorial sectors and allows to produce scientific knowledge as well fundamental and applied on the environmental, sanitary or cultural imperatives weighing on the production and innovation in the agricultural sector.


  • Mr Philippe MARTIN

Innovation themes

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16, rue Claude-Bernard
75231 PARIS

Our research areas


- urban agricultur
- technical performance, economic and environmental of the agricultural sector
- concepts development, tools and methods to design and evaluate new organizations of agricultural systems
- analysis of rural dynamics and peri-urban territories in a situation of space scarcity
- territorial development, as a multi-scale and multi-stakeholder process
- the spatial organization of food systems and collective strategies to reconcile agricultural production and resource conservation
- the economic transformations of the board and the expertise activities
- agricultural practices of intra- and peri-urban farms

Applications sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Personal services / services to individuals

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 87
Number of researchers : 68
Number of doctoral students : 12


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