Plateforme d’ANAlyse des Matériaux (PANAM)

Technological platform


The Materials Analysis Platform (PANAM) at C2N brings together advanced means of structural (crystallographic and morphological) and chemical analysis of materials at the atomic scale. The techniques used are X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, microanalysis and atomic force microscopy. The platform hosts the NANOTEM equipment (one TEM/STEM and one dual-beam) of the Equipex TEMPOS. PANAM-C2N includes : -Two transmission electron microscopes (TEM) equipped with geometric aberration correctors on the condenser system allowing access to chemical imaging with chemical contrast (HAADF) in scanning mode (STEM) at the atomic scale, with analysis and quantitative chemical mapping by EDX. -A dual-beam FIB-SEM for the preparation of localized thin sections for TEM -Three multi-configuration diffractometers, one of which has a rotating anode and is equipped with a 5-circle goniometer, allowing all types of configurations for the analysis of thin films (HRXRD, RSM, coplanar and non-coplanar GIXRD, Pole figure, XRR). -Three multi-mode atomic force microscopes (AFM) for topographic and functional surface analysis (MFM, EFM/KFM, PFM, I(V) measurements, force measurements). The PANAM platform is a member of the C2N Technology Centre and is attached to the Materials Department.


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