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Physiologie de la Nutrition et du Comportement Alimentaire (PNCA)

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The research objective of the PNCA unit is to contribute to the analysis of the nutritional efficiency of the protein component of energy intake in different physiological or physiopathological situations. Protein intake is a determining nutritional factor in body homeostasis and the role of protein intake in digestive and metabolic dysfunctions is a public health issue. Establishing benchmarks on the quality of protein intake, for the satisfaction of needs according to the physiological conditions, is a topical issue in the context of reflections on the balance between the sources of products of animal and vegetable origin, and the search for new sources of protein.


  • Mrs Claire GAUDICHON

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16, rue Claude-Bernard
75231 PARIS

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- digestion and food quality
- partitioning of energy nutrients
- animal welfare and behavior

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Total number of employees : 54
Number of researchers : 41
Number of doctoral students : 13


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