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Paris-Saclay Food and Bioproduct Engineering (SayFood)

Research unit


SayFood - Food and Bioproduct Engineering is a research unit newly created by INRAE and AgroParisTech. This unit, which houses 150 employees, will be located (from 2022) in the research and innovation ecosystem of the Saclay plateau (Ile de France). Sayfood's mission is to acquire new scientific knowledge and to propose new approaches in product and process engineering, applied to bioresources. Thus, the unit aims to contribute to the development of new sustainable food systems by working in interdisciplinarity on the 'design-consumption' continuum. To conduct its research, Sayfood draws on a set of disciplines covering food science, microbiology, process engineering and consumer science.


  • Mrs Catherine BONAZZI

Innovation themes

Map and access

1, avenue des Olympiades
91744 MASSY

Our research areas


- agro-food and bioproduction engineering
- process engineering
- chemistry / physico-chemistry of food and materials
- packaging / container interactions
- analytical chemistry
- microbiology / microbial ecosystems
- biotechnologies
- consumer science
- modeling / optimization

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Agri-food industry
  • Other industry
  • Tourism / Accommodation / Catering
  • Packaging

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 116
Number of researchers : 77
Number of doctoral students : 29

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- computing cluster for simulation
- experimental cooking for sensory and consumers studies
- technological hall equipped with tools for transformation at the artisan scale or pilot https://www.pluginlabs-universiteparissaclay.fr/fr/entity/915022-genial-halle-technologique-genial-umr-agroparistech-inra
- Francilien plateau of cereal studies (FRECE) https://www.pluginlabs-universiteparissaclay.fr/fr/entity/915027-genial-plateau-francilien-detudes-cerealieres-frece


Our results

Projects examples

The new research projects focus on some model products: sponge cake, emulsion, systems blocked with starch and fruits purée

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- food science and physico-chemistry: University ofLaval (Canada), University of Hidalgo (Mexico)
- process engineering and reaction engineering: UK Leuven (Belgium), University of Baléares (Spain)
- packaging: University of Caracas (Venezuela)
- analytical chemistry: University Charles Sturt (Australia), University of Lebanon (Beyrouth, Lebanon)
- safety of materials in contact with food: Fraunhofer IVV (Freising, Germany), FDA (USA)
- sensory analysis: University of Davis (USA)
- modeling: University of Surrey (Great-Britain)

Private collaborations

Many CIFRE thesis (50%), various partnerships: IAA, cosmetics, automotive or energy, in relation with VSEs, SMEs and international groups.


Establishments of affiliation