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OPERA (Outil Plateforme pour les Études en RAdioprotection)

Technological platform


"OPERA", for "Outil Plateforme pour les Études de RAdioprotection", is a computational platform for integrated radiation protection, currently under development at CEA/Direction des Énergies (DES). Its purpose is to offer its users the possibility of defining a complete mutualised description of the parameters necessary for the realisation of a study (geometry, materials, radiation sources, detectors, etc.) and then to choose the calculation method aimed at treating the problem according to its expectations.
OPERA is based on the "SALOME" software platform (https://www.salome-platform.org) which has a graphic environment and a set of functionalities such as a 3D modeller, mesh construction tools, results visualisation tools and a data processing module chaining manager.
OPERA offers three calculation paths defined according to the desired compromise between modelling finesse and calculation time: (i) "reference path", based on the Monte Carlo particle transport code "TRIPOLI-4®" and the isotopic time evolution code "MENDEL"; (ii) "intermediate path", which uses deterministic particle transport codes; (iii) "simplified path", which relies on formalisms based on "synthetic" factors (buildup factors, albedos), implemented in the NARMER-1 radioprotection code


  • Mr Fadhel MALOUCH

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