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NeuroPSI / Acquisition Dichroïsme Circulaire

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NeuroPsi's circular dichroism platform provides the academic and private scientific community with a Jasco J810 spectropolarimeter equipped with a Peltier thermostat.
Circular dichroism allows the characterization of proteins in solution and the estimation of their content in secondary structures (alpha-helices or beta-sheets) as well as the control of their correct folding. Circular dichroism is the method of choice for the study of conformational changes, the analysis of the stability of proteins as a function of their physicochemical environment, and the binding of ligands or lipids.

The platform is open for self-service to users who have been trained on this apparatus (2 hours training) in the form of services


  • Mr Luc BOUSSET
  • Mrs Elodie MONSELLIER

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151 route de la Rotonde
Centre CEA Paris-Saclay, Bât. 151
91400 SACLAY

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