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MYRTHO - Micrométéorites sYstème solaire Rassemblement THématique d'Orsay

Technological platform


MYRTHO is a 100 m2 platform with two clean rooms and an airlock:
The "MICMET" room is dedicated to the preparation and analysis of extraterrestrial samples (the Concordia collection). In 2018, it will be equipped with a Thermo Scientific, Nicolet, Continuµm, IR microscope, which will provide simultaneous access to the spectral signatures of organic matter and minerals in the near- and mid-IR ranges (7800-450 cm-1) at a spatial scale of a few tens of microns, suitable for the study of micro-samples such as micrometeorites.
The "AstroGam" room is dedicated to the development of detectors for gamma-ray astronomy (ComptonCAM project). It is dedicated to a test bench for a gamma camera operating under the Compton telescope principle. It allows the study of the efficiency and angular and energy resolutions for gamma photons in the MeV range of a telescope comprising a trajectometer and an imaging calorimeter that uses different detection materials.


  • Mr Jean DUPRAT

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CSNSM, Bâtiment. 104
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