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MTS / Plateforme imagerie ex-vivo (beta-imagerie)

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The labelling of biomolecules with isotopes such as tritium or carbon-14 makes it possible to establish in a preliminary manner the pharmacokinetic properties as well as the tissue biodistribution of different types of molecules, whether in the context of toxicity studies (nanotoxicology, neurotoxicity) or the pre-clinical development of potentially therapeutic molecules. This last objective can be achieved by using digital radio imagers, such as those developed by the company Biospacelab (BetaIMAGER TRACER).
The beta imager allows real-time image acquisition, with extreme counting sensitivity (0.007 cpm/mm2 for tritium and 0.01 cpm/mm2 for carbon-14) and absolute signal quantification.
These biodistribution studies are typically performed on rodent models and address questions concerning, for example, the ability of the molecules studied to pass physiological barriers (intestinal, blood-brain or maternal-fetal) or to translocate from one tissue compartment to another.


  • Mr BEAU Fabrice
  • Mrs Mathilde KECK
  • Mr Denis SERVENT

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